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  • What does the monthly subscription entail?

    The subscription is a regular monthly payment, based on the number of unique payees you pay. Once you've paid a payee, you can make unlimited payments to them that month, and they'll still count as one payee.

    So for example, if you're on the £22 a month plan, you can pay between 11 and 100 unique payees an unlimited number of times that month!

  • What does the Pay As You Go (PAYG) plan entail?

    On the PAYG plan, you just pay for the payments you make.

    So for example, if your payment run contains between 11 and 100 unique payees, you'll pay £22 for that run. Payments to the same payee in that run will still count as one payee.

  • How is a payee defined?

    A payee is defined as a unique set of bank details (account number and sort code).

    On the subscription plan, you can make an unlimited number of payments to each payee a month, and they'll still only be counted as one payee.

    On the PAYG plan, you can have multiple payments to one payee in your run, and it'll still be counted as one payee.

  • Does Comma have a free trial?

    We do not have a free trial, but if you select the PAYG plan, you can make single payments to one payee for free so you can test out the platform!

  • Do you have a plan for unlimited payees?

    No, unfortunately not. We charge £22 either as a monthly subscription or in PAYG for up to 100 payees, and an additional £22 for every 100 payees after that.

  • How will I be billed?

    For the subscription plan, you'll be billed once a month, with the first payment being taken when you sign up.

    For the PAYG plan, you'll be billed each time you complete a payment run. So when the money for the payments in your run leaves your bank account, this will include this fee.

  • What if I pay more or fewer payees than expected?

    This is not a concern on the PAYG plan, as you'll only be billed per run for the payees you actually pay.

    For the subscription plan, when you're going to pay a run that would put you over the maximum number of unique payees in your plan, you'll be asked to upgrade to the next tier. You'll be charged the difference at that moment, and the full price of the new tier starting from the next month.

    For a downgrade, you can reach out to our Support team to change your subscription tier.

For any further questions not listed here, please send us a message in our chat, or send an email to [email protected].

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