How Pay with Comma works

The Comma integration allows users to create, share and pay payment runs from their KeyPay account with the click of a button.

Payment runs are instantly generated for users. They can then share them with a decision-maker for payment, or initiate the payment themselves, all from the existing business bank account.

Comma uses open banking bulk payments meaning that it's the same bank you use and the same payment journey you're used to without the faff or manual entry.

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Comma for external finance teams

We know you want to help your clients make payments but you don’t want the risk involved in having access to your client's bank account.

Comma allows external teams to generate payments in KeyPay and share this with your client for simple bank authorisation. You generate and share the payment run, your client authorises this in the bank. It’s really that simple!

  • Process payroll in KeyPay

  • Click “Pay with Comma”

  • Click “Share” and enter the relevant details for your client

  • Your client opens the link and clicks pay

Comma for internal finance teams

Comma can also be used by one user to automate the process of making payroll payments.

  • Process payroll in KeyPay

  • Click “Pay with Comma”

  • Connect your bank

  • Click “Pay” and authorise in the bank account

How to activate Comma in KeyPay

Activating Comma in KeyPay is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Because payments are made through the existing bank account and there is no need to set up intermediary accounts users can begin using Comma instantly.

  1. Within KeyPay; go to Payroll settings > Business Management > Integrations.

  2. Click on 'Comma' and select ‘Add’.

  3. Click Enable' and you’re ready to bulk pay payroll!

ℹ️ Once you have enabled the Comma integration, you will need to ensure you have your employee details set up, including valid bank details and salary/wages.


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