How is Comma authorised to integrate with my bank account?

When you connect your bank account to Comma it generates what is known as an AIS (Account Information Service) consent and allows Comma to view your bank balance and confirm if a transaction has settled.

We use this to show you the post transaction balance on the payment run screen and to confirm the final status of your payments align with your bank statement.

There is also a PIS (Payment Initiation Service) consent which is used to push a payment to your bank account. These are generated per payment and are only valid for a short period of time.

How does Comma collect my authorisation?

Comma is partnered with Yapily Connect to integrate with your bank account. When you integrate with your bank account for the first time, once you've input your security details, you will be shown a page explaining what data Comma has access to in your account and asking you to confirm your authorisation.

It's important you read this information to understand how Comma uses your bank data to facilitate your payment journey.

Further information on how we handle your data can be found in our Terms & Conditions.

When does Comma use your AIS consent

Comma only use the AIS consent when you go to the payment run screen, the consent is otherwise securely stored in our database.

What happens to my AIS consent when I'm not using it?

Inactive consents (where a user has not used a bank integration for a sustained period of time) are securely deleted after 3 months of inactivity to ensure that your account information is kept secure at all times and Comma doesn't hold onto any data longer than is necessary to allow you to make a payment.

New consents can be generated by reconnecting your bank account.

Further information on how we handle your data can be found in our Terms & Conditions.

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