• What banks are supported?

    Not all banks were born equal. Therefore, some banks do not support certain features available with Comma (due to open banking limitations). We are working hard with each bank to change this. You can see a full list of our supported banks and their capabilities here.

    Not to worry! If your bank currently has feature limitations, you have the option of creating a free Comma Wallet. The Comma Wallet allows for the best possible user journey and grants full feature access to banks which are currently being developed. You can read more about the Comma Wallet here.

  • What is Open Banking?

    A relatively recent term that has come about as a result of regulatory change to describe the process of how authorised Third Party Providers (TPPs such as Comma) are eligible to obtain data from financial institutions when the customer chooses to do so. This is driving change in the market by unlocking the value of bank payments and collectively improving financial services as a whole by bringing innovative user journeys to the market.

  • How do I know this is secure?

    Open Banking has been designed with security at its heart – here’s how: Bank-level security – Open Banking uses rigorously tested software and security systems. You’ll never be asked to give access to your bank login details or password to anyone other than your own bank or building society. Comma will not store or have access to your login details.

    It is regulated – Only apps and websites regulated by the FCA or European Regulators can use Open Banking. Comma uses an FCA-regulated entity called Yapily Connect to connect to your bank.

    Extra protection – Bank or building societies are covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) and will pay the customers money back if fraudulent payments are made. Customer data is protected by strict data protection laws and if you need to make a complaint about the way a bank or building society handled a complaint you raised, you can use the Financial Ombudsman Service.

  • When I connect my bank account, can other people make payments?

    Payments can only be made by bank account holders with the authority to do so, regardless of whether the bank is already connected in Comma. Each payment requires authorisation/identification from an account holder. Users without bank access can use Comma to create and share payment runs for authorisation by an account holder.

  • How can I contact support?

    To contact our support team please use the chat function in the bottom left corner of the Comma screen.

  • What are groups?

    Groups are created automatically to achieve the best possible user journey. We always try to create the fewest clicks possible when grouping payments. This may change depending on the bank you are using to make a payment.

    • No. of payees

    • New beneficiaries

    • Amount being paid

    • The payee type (e.g. HMRC will always be grouped separately)

  • What do the different statuses mean?

    • Group X - These payees are grouped together and will be paid in a bulk or single payment.

    • Paid (single tick) - These payments have been sent to the bank for payment.

    • Paid (double tick) - These payments have been paid.

    • Error - There was an error with the payment for this payee. No funds have left the account.

  • How can I edit/amend a payment run?

    You cannot make changes to a payment run in Comma. If you wish to amend the payment run you will need make changes to your payroll in your KeyPay account and re-run the payment process.

  • Can I make payments internationally?

    Currently, we do not support payments to international bank accounts in foreign currency. This is on our roadmap and something we hope to support soon!

  • Audit trails/authorisation

    As part of our regulatory security requirements, all sessions are logged in an audit trail. This allows us to support you in the event of an issue whilst using the Comma platform and allows us to monitor usage to ensure the platform is working effectively and is required for regulatory record-keeping requirements. All data is maintained in line with data retention and privacy standards as set forth by Regulation 40 of The Money Laundering, Terrorist Financing and Transfer of Funds (Information on the Payer) Regulations 2017 and the FCA. You can request an audit trail by contacting our support team. Comma will never capture or store your bank login details.

  • Do I need access to a bank account to use Comma?

    Users without bank access can use Comma to create and share payment runs for authorisation by an account holder. This is particularly useful for external accountants and bookkeepers. Once a payment run is shared the end-user (with bank access) just needs to click pay and authorise the payment.

  • Why is there a payment to Comma in my payment run?

    This is the service fee for using the Comma integration to automate your payments. You can see more about our pricing here.

  • What do I do if I’m having trouble connecting my KeyPay account to Comma?

    First, go into your KeyPay settings and double-check that all your organisation details such as your Companies House number and registered address are correct. Please add or correct anything that’s missing or wrong. Then try disconnecting and re-enabling the integration. If this doesn’t resolve your issue, please get in touch with Comma’s Support team!

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