There are many ways you can upload your payroll with Comma. Whether it’s the classic CSV spreadsheet you upload, or a specialised payroll provider export, here’s how you can setup those payments pronto.

For a quick rundown of the whole process, also check out our Payroll page on our website.

Classic CSV Upload

You can use this template to upload any payments, including payroll, to Comma:

  1. Download the template

  2. Edit the template with your details - All fields are mandatory, except for date field.

    1. Category should be Payroll, Tax or Bill

    2. Date can be left blank if the payments are to be paid immediately

    3. Don’t worry if the 0 at the end of your sort code or account number is missing in the file - we know some formatters don’t save these

  3. Save as a CSV. Some formatters require you to use the ‘export as...’ function to save the file in CSV format

  4. Upload! You can find the button to import payroll in the top right of Comma on the payments or payment runs screen

Here’s how it works for other providers...


Download the payroll BACS file from Xero and import it to your company in Comma.

Xero also have their own guide for this here.


How to import payroll from BrightPay to Comma:

  1. Inside BrightPay, on the payroll tab select 'Pay Employees'.

  2. You will see a pop-up window; select 'Bank File'.

  3. Ensure the file name ends in '.csv'. If it doesn't, simply type this to the end of your file name.

  4. Select bank file format 'Comma' from the dropdown menu.

  5. Save the file.

  6. Now, navigate into your Comma account.

  7. On the payments tab, select 'Import Payroll'.

  8. Click to upload the file and choose 'Import'.

You now have a payment run containing all your payroll data from BrightPay!

Proceed as normal to pay through Comma.


Comma is integrated within KeyPay allowing you to make bulk payments within the KeyPay platform. Here's a guide to how it works.


  1. Once you’ve submitted your payroll, click “Download payments file”

  2. Select “.csv (Comma)”

  3. Head into Comma and use the Upload Payroll button to import the data

  4. Use Comma to process the payments


If you're in Moneysoft, you can now download the file ready-made!

To generate the file from within the program you will need to produce a BACS PAYMENT FILE report. You can find this in the PAY - PAYMENTS menu. Then select "Comma" as the layout.

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