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The open banking permissions are managed with the iPortal front end add on in, or in our standard online banking

Stage 1

In iPortal: Customer (or their Administrator, if that’s not your customer), must assign the correct role profile to users within Barclay iPortal.

User profiles are assigned by Administrators and can be set at Account level - e.g. some users are only given permission to provide consent for some, but not all accounts to be accessed by TPPs and by service type - e.g. some users are only given permission to provide consent to share balances, but not for payments.

  1. From the Admin menu, select ‘Role Profiles’

  2. Locate the role profile entitled ‘Default - Third Party Permissions - Account Information Permissions - View and Input’.

  3. Click the ‘action’ button on the right hand side, and select ‘Assign Users’

  4. Toggle on the selected role profile for any users that require access, then click ‘Next’

  5. On the review screen, check that the required selections are correct, then click ‘Next’

  6. If these changes require approval, your customer will receive a systems notification, and a second Administrator must approve via the Barclays iPortal worklist.

Stage 2

Once a user’s been given Open Banking permissions, they follow the steps within the Third Party Providers (TPPs) application or service, to set-up the capability they want. As part of the set-up, they’ll be redirected to the Barclays iPortal Open Banking screen, so that they can give their consent to Barclays by following the steps below.

  1. Login to Barclays iPortal

  2. On the ‘Sharing your data’ landing page, select which account/s they want to share with their TPP

  3. Consent to share data can be given for 90 days at a time and this can be revoked at any point

📢 If any issues, please contact us via intercom.

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