You can use your Bank of Scotland Business account to make payments with Comma, via your desktop.

Types of payment supported

Payment type


Bank of Scotland with Comma Wallet enabled

Bulk payments

Single payments

Faster payments

Single Future Dated Payment

✅ - up to 31 days

✅ - up to 31 days

Bulk Future Dated Payment

✅ - up to 31 days

Known limitations

  • Bulk payments are not currently supported.

  • £25,000 single payment limit

  • £25,000 daily payment limit

How to cancel a Future dated payment

  1. Select the ‘More actions’ option next to the account your payment is scheduled to come from

  2. A menu should now appear with several options. Select the option at the top, named ‘Payments and Transfers’. This will reveal several more options below. Select the one that says ‘Manage pending payments’

  3. On the next screen, you will see a section named ‘Pending Payments’. Your future dated payment should be visible here

  4. To amend the payment, select ‘Amend’

  5. To delete the payment, select the icon which looks like a cross. You will be asked to enter your password to confirm the deletion of your payment

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