You can use your Ulster Bank account to make payments with Comma, via your desktop.

Types of payment supported

Payment type


Ulster Bank with Comma Wallet enabled

Bulk payments

✅ - Max 10 payees

Single payments

Faster payments

Single Future Dated Payment

✅ - up to 120 days

✅ - up to 120 days

Bulk Future Dated Payments

✅ - up to 120 days

Known limitations

  • Bulk payments require trusted beneficiaries.

  • £50,000 single payment limit

  • £50,000 daily payment limit

How to cancel a Future dated payment

  1. Select 'Payments and transfers' from the left hand menu

  2. From the 'Make a payment or transfer' section select 'Manage scheduled payments'

  3. Select the appropriate payment from your list of scheduled payments, and follow the instructions on screen

    (You will need a card-reader and a card you can use with that reader to amend a payment)

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