You can use your Barclays Corporate account to make payments with Comma, via your desktop.

You will need to follow these steps the first time you use your Barclays Corporate account to make payments through Open Banking.

Types of payment supported

Payment type


Barclays Corporate with Comma Wallet enabled

Bulk payments

✅ - Min 5 payees & Max 50 payees

Single payments

Faster payments

Single Future Dated Payment

✅ - up to 395 days

✅ - up to 395 days

Bulk Future Dated Payments

✅ - up to 395 days

✅ - up to 395 days

Known limitations

  • Minimum of 5 payees to pay in bulk

  • Maximum of 50 payees to pay in bulk

  • £2,000 limit on mobile payments to new payees

  • £250,000 single payment limit

  • Bulk payments on mobile app is currently being fixed

  • Jersey & Guernsey Sort Codes are out of scope for Barclays OB functions

  • References are not being correctly shown on Barclays Corporate payments and the beneficiary will see the business name as the reference.

  • Dual Authorisation via Open Banking is not available.

How to change Open Banking Payment Permission Levels (dual authorisation)

The only TPP role profile that can be amended to have one submitter and one authoriser is the Payment Permissions role profile.

  1. Log in to iPortal

  2. Select 'Administration'

  3. Click on 'Work Flows'

  4. Select amend on the workflow you wish to add an approval on and select the radio buttons

  5. Select Yes - for one approver or Yes - multiple approver

How to cancel a Future dated payment

  1. Log into iPortal

  2. Click on the 'Administration' tab

  3. Under 'Open Banking Connections', click on 'Payment Connections History'

  4. Payments made are shown here

Need help connecting? Check out our guide here.

Have a account? Set up your permissions with this guide.

Still struggling? Get in touch and one of our support team will be happy to help!

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