ℹ️ Before reading this article, make sure to check on our Bank Compatibility page whether your bank supports future dating!

With Comma you can schedule your payments for a future date. Scheduled payments are a really simple and effective way to manage your upcoming bill and payroll payments.

By queueing payments in advance, you can avoid any nasty last-minute surprises. This article shows you how easy this is to do and why it's useful for businesses to use this feature.

Why use scheduled payments?

Scheduled payments allow you to stay ahead of the curve by queuing payments in advance of their payment date. This is especially useful for payroll as you can upload your list of payments to Comma and select the date they should be released from the bank.

For example, if a business pays staff on the 30th of the month. They could upload payroll and queue these payments in the bank on the 23rd (one week in advance). On the 30th, the payments will automatically be released to the desired payee's bank accounts as if they were being processed on that day.

How does this work in Comma?

  1. First, you need to create a payment run. You can do this by simply selecting the bills you want to pay in Comma or by uploading your payroll file to your dashboard.

  2. When you are ready to schedule the payment, click 'pay now' to review your payment run.

  3. Proceed by clicking 'pay next group', so you're presented with the future dating pop-up.

  4. Click the date to open the calendar, and select the day you want to send the payment on. Then just click 'continue to bank' and authorise the payment! This payment will then be queued in the bank for processing on the chosen date. When that date arrives, the payment will be initiated automatically.

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