Want to invite someone from your team? The client or business owner? Here is how:

Adding users is free. Adding a user will only grant access to the company you invite them to within Comma.

If you'd like to add a user to multiple companies you will need to repeat this process for each organisation in your Comma account.

For users being added to a company:

  • You will receive an invite to create your Comma account. When redirected to Comma, please SIGN UP rather than sign in at this stage. Upon successful sign up, you should have access to your organisation.

  • If you are already a user of Comma, the company will now appear on your list of organisations.

โ“˜ If you are being asked to connect your accounting software when creating your account, you will need to go back to the email and follow the link. The organisation you are being invited to will have the accounting software already connected; re-connecting will result in duplicate accounts which prevents collaborating on payment runs.

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